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Agents will receive their own Loyal Membership Card as well as your own online ePlot.  if you have a Notepad – you can show your clients you are a member yourself.  They are buying from you- let them see you.




We have an online company that will print a 1000 folders with a five page insert on the right and a brochure on the left with the ePLOT products.  You can leave a business card inside and your policy information. A great way to impress your clients.  Cost is right around $1000.00 for 1000.  $1.00 per client.  I would encourage offices to order 1000 or more and give them to your agents.  Bulk is Cheaper.  Standard orders are $3.40 per Folder.   2500 is .69 cents.  5000 is .58 cents  10,000 is  .39 cents


We also have a TRIFOLD BROCHURE you can download and print at a STAPLES or OFFICE MAX  or KINKOS.  Download the file HERE and take it to one of these places and have them printed.  KINKOS will fold for you as well.  Order 100 at a time- less than 20 bucks and have  a presentation piece to give your client.   If your client buys a policy you can place this in the folder above or  the FINAL WISHES GUIDE below along with their policy information. Looks very professional.


This Final Wishes Guide is part of the package for the client.  If you are an agent and paying for the package you got a reduced rate so you could purchase  these and leave with the client.   Again, I would encourage you to order 1000 via an office at a time. We get better shipping- saving almost 200.00 on an order.  You can order copies of this HERE

Copies are 4.99 each.  Your cost per client is going to be with the package 14.99 plus this book.  How much do you make on each client?