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Please fill the form out to the right if you need any help or you have any questions. We are always looking for developers who can help us with our vision. Feel free to contact us with ideas.


Why ePLOT ?

ePLOT is leading the way when it comes to the futuristic planning of one’s online legacy.  There is no other platform that you can got someone’s grave site- type in the ePLOT IS and see exactly who is buried beneath the dirt in front of you.  What an awesome thing to know that your life – even 100 years from now will have meaning to someone.

Happy Custommers

We take pride in the fact that our clients are happy with both the products and the services we provide.  One of the favorites is our Guardian Services where we call the clients loved ones on their passing.  One way we take the pain of the death off the family.  That feature is called E-Call.  You can add it in the e-SHOP.


We offer a one time fee for clients. Some companies are paying this fee and offering the product to their clients to help their percistancy.  Clients pay $19.99 and receive a free final wishes planning guide. They receive a one page ePLOT. They receive unlimited emails to the future. An application where you can email your friends and family to a specific date or you can send them to us and we will archive them for you. Until you are gone. Once we are notified we will send those emails.  Priceless!

Design & Devlopment

We are always developing our designs to make them as easy as possible for all of our clients.  Some clients are skilled and some have never seen a computer for.  So we have to have a balance.  If you have any suggestions- or would like to assist any developments- please email us at  tech@ePlot.us  .

Thanks for Visiting

We appreciate you taking the time to visit out site.  If you like our product please send us referrals and we will have an agent stop out sign them up.   We look forward to seeing your unique ePLOT .

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Office : 227 Harding Way East.  Galion, Ohio 44833


Email Address: TeamOne@ePlot.us