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Offering agents nationwide an exclusive Live Transfer Lead at a fair market value.  We aim to put Integrity back into the lead business.

Live TV Lead

Appointment Lead


Internet Call
We offer an exclusive Live Transfer Lead. These leads are sent straight to you from our live TV commercials.   Someone has seen the TV commercial and calling YOU –  LIVE.  You can’t ask for a better lead. Other companies are charging $30.00 – $32.00 & $38.00 for the same exact lead.   Closing ratios are  15% and Higher. Orders over 100 receive  better pricing.
We offer an exclusive lead from a client who saw our TV Commercial.  We screen the client for  Aids, Nursing Home, and Terminal Illness. We verify they have a checking or savings account and schedule the best time for you to call them back the NEXT DAY!  No sitting by the phone waiting on calls. We send the leads to your Google Calendar- You’ll have them the night prior by 9PM EST.
We offer an exclusive Live Transfer Lead. This lead is originated with our outbound call center.  The client is screened  for Aids, Terminal Illness, and Checking, Savings, or Debit Card.   The client  is  warmed up and transferred to you.  We call this the  RED CROSS LEAD.  It will save you if you are on a budget.  You might have to work a little harder but they are a great lead.

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