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Products Included in Membership

*Products Differentiate Based on Membership Level

Benefits of each product for you and your family.

*Products Differentiate Based on Membership Level


Membership Types & Products

Basic Plan Includes:

  • Free Concierge Service
  • Membership Cards
  • e-Planning Guide
  • One ePlot – Online web page
  • e-Marker – Online Mapping your Grave Site for people to find.

Deluxe Plan Includes:

  • Basic Plan +
  • Free Concierge Service
  •  Membership Cards
  •  e-Planning Guide
  • e-mails to the Future to Loved Ones


  • Deluxe Plan +
  • Free Concierge Service
  • Free Planning Guide
  • Membership Cards VIP STYLE
  • e-Calls: Guardian Call
  • e-Map

E-Calls or Guardian Calls

E-calls take the burden of those last phone calls off your family. We can notify friends and family with our trained guardians.  Let your grieve and we’ll pass the word to your friends who you want us to.  Easy as 1…2..3

E-calls are probably the hardest part of the funeral process for family.  Imagine a family member died in a car crash at 35.  You have to tell the story to 30 people who you know would want to know.  We will call them – let them know when the services are  and you can have time to do things you need to focus on.

We have state of the art facilities and guardians who take pride it what we do.  We love helping families and you can know after you are gone- they will be in great hands.  We make it simple. Order by clicking the button below-  It’ll take you to the shopping cart. Once we are notified of the order we’ll add this feature to your e-Plot .  IF you don’t have an account you can email us the names and numbers  to info@ePlot.us .




Use Technology to FOREVER Remember their Legacy

Purchase  10-20-30-50-100  E-CARDS and have YOUR LEGACY put on the card.  We can put links, videos, letters etc.  Who  or why would you want this?   Personalize how One person remembers you by sending them a special message that they can keep with them,  have a link to your E-PLOT on your tombstone with our waterproof card and anyone who visits your tomb can swipe the card and see your legacy. Never be Forgotten.   Military- Before you deploy give the card to a friend or relative- have them give to your spouse or children if you don’t make it home.  The future is endless.  We are changing the future of legacies.


Our team of developers can build your Forever Card pretty much however you can imagine.  Our standard card will  have your EPLOT link.  You can upgrade the card to have a personal message/s to one person on each card via video or letter.  You can have just about whatever you need on the card. Whoever has that card will remember you Forever.

You go visit  your cousin in West Virginia and they wanted to see pictures of your dad who died in war- or you wanted to show them his E-PLot-  Swipe the card on the phone  or on your computer and his E-Plot will appear.  Death can be hard.  We’re making it easy to be remembered forever.

P.S.  Order 100 and hand them out at the Funeral.  A message to anyone who attends thanking them – and letting them know how to find you— on Your   E-PLOT

e-Mails to the Future

We came up with over 100 reasons why you would want to send someone an email to the future- or have us archive them till you have left this world.  Deploying military members, travel agents, airplane workers, DOD personal, anyone with a dangerous job, or anyone who likes to be prepared.  Anyone can send an email to the future. A time capsule per say.

You can set a time for the email to be delivered.  You might be on a deployment, undergoing a surgery, vacation with no internet, or you just don’t want to miss an event.  Simpy type the email out- and pick a date you want it delivered and it is sent to your recipient from you.  Simple.

You can also send the email to us and we will archive it for you. Once a family members contacts us about your passing we can send out all the letters for you.  How are we notified? Leave one of our cards on your fridge or a note in the book your agent left with you with your ePlot ID for them to call us upon your passing  that you left some emails for us to send them.  This should be on page 2 of your book. 


Can you  imagine being deployed  to a battle zone and not if you’ll be back.  You  might also be flying on vacation and who knows what accident could happen.  What if you were going into a surgery that you were unsure of?  Wouldn’t you want to leave a message to your loved ones.   Don’t hand your buddy  a letter saying “If I don’t Make it Home…”

You can go to your Portal on your E-PLOT  and create a video with just your phone and it will be uploaded instantly.

– Right before you go on that mission-  Upload a video.
– Before you take that flight- Upload a video
– Before you undergo that surgery- Upload a video.

If you make it through– Simple Delete it.

Image result for video image
Make as many as you would like.   Leave one to your wife, kids, mom, dad, family, friends.  Don’t leave without them knowing!  Tomorrow might be to late!


Image result for gps garmin

Here is the Question:

Part 1-  Could you go find Boyd Gifford’s Plot right now without ever being there? You’re probably saying who is Boyd.  Well, he’s the founders grandfather.  The answer is no.

Question 2-  If you did find his gravesite  could you see who he was. hear his story, know what he accomplished, hear his voice, hear his message to you?

Answers:   No- you couldn’t.  We offer you a way to get to the grave side – and a way to scan your phone on the card or plaque and allow the message to pop up on your phone with a link to the members ePlot.

  • You can prepare messages online for visitors
  • You can allow family to find you 50 years from now.
  • You can use it as a GPS till  you die- add favorite points
  • Allow viewers to see your favorite place as well before and after you are gone.
  • And so much more-
  • Plot family markers on your map- Geneology etc.

e-Guide : Online Planning Guide

One Final Legacy has partnered with Best Selling Author, Steven Gifford &  “ePLot”  to write our planning guide for your final wishes.   If you cannot get online to plan your final wishes there is a chapter that allows you till fill the forms out and mail them into us with any pictures. We will send them back to you.  This service is free to anyone who purchases a book.  There will be a monthly fee to host your EPLOT- but the book will explain this.  One Last Gift of Love allows you to plan what you want to wear all the way through of whom is in charge of any decissions you would want to make.  By you pre- planning your funeral on paper will allow your family to save throusands when the day comes that you die.  It’s called GRIEF SPENDING.   Here are a few things that pre-planning  your funeral will do for you:

  • Eliminates doubt from the family that they did enough for you
  • Eliminates arguments from family on the worst day of their lives
  • Saves both time and money – they will know exactly what you want and how you want it. 
  • Allows you to price shop the funeral so you can save your family a lot of money
  • Allows you to plan your final legacy and take the burden off your family in which you love so much. 



  • Online Site Allowing you to Plan Your Final Legacy
  • One last gift of love to your friends and family
  • A place to celebrate your life
  • Never be Forgotten
  • Let them know you were here
  • Easy to Design
  • Plans are forever
  • 100 years from now someone will see your ePlot
  • Our Guardians make the calls for your family
  • Eliminates repeating the pain over and over
  • Gives your Family time to grieve
  • Let our Guardians who are trained for this to assist your spouse or children during the hardest day of their lives.
  • e-Cards  allow you leave a message to certain people
  • Leave a link to your ePLOT
  • It’s a business Card with a Chip in it
  • Stores info
  • Video
  • Website
  • Personalize them  or standard with ePlot URL
map (2)
  • e-Markers assure people can find your final resting place
  • allow anyone 50 years from now to find your graveside
  • Allow them to scan a chip on your tomb or input the URL off a plaque in their phone and they can see you- hear you- know you
  • Let’s you REST IN PEACE
  • Saves Thousands on a Funeral
  • Lets your family know what YOU want
  • Eliminates Grief Spending
  • Puts a Plan in Place
  • Gives you peace of mind
  • and more…
  • Send Messages to Your Wife- Husband – Kids
  • Going on a Mission- Send us  your letter in an email.
  • Send a Video to us to deliver after your gone
  • Send an email to a later date if you can’t make it-
  • Birthdays-
  • Anniversaries
  • Business events-
  • and more…
Symbol3 (1)
  • Record  Videos for family before your gone
  • Let them hear your voice
  • See you
  • Send a Video to the future
  • Let people know who you are if they visit your grave
  • Email a Video as your last message to us- and we’ll send it after you pass.
  • and more…