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Over 100 years of combined experience and history within the Final Expense Arena.  They have played a key role in the development of several other companies  and after growing to a point that it only made sense to go on their own- they have lead the way in Online Final Expense Telesales.



Offering competitive products, leads, rates, and funeral planning – this is the total platform for agents and clients both. A tradition of doing things the right way- Even while others have tried to short change them along the way. We look forward to seeing your success with  One United & Herrera.



Our integrity is unquestioned.  We have always put the agent first in helping them achieve their success with support, honesty, and hope in the industry.  We pride ourselves in not managing for our paycheck but for yours.  We put your needs before our own and we are looking for only the right fit for our company.



Our leaders are proven- Proud to say the founders all served in the US MARINES.  They know what it means to lead from the front.  They will motivate you to succeed even when some have given up on themselves.  Honor, Loyalty, Discipline, and Trust are just a few words they exemplify on a daily basis.



Our Lead quality is second to none.  We pride ourselves in offering a TRUE EXCLUSIVE lead to you the client.  Someone has seen our commercial o n TV and called in. That call is routed to you first with 30 seconds allowed before you are charged.





We offer both Field and Phone Sales with a CRM online dashboard that allows you to manage your time, clients, and leads on a more productive platform.   No system  is perfect- but we are trying to make as close as possible.  We invest in technology- We invest in YOU.

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