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Final Wishes Planning Guide

One Final Legacy has partnered with Best Selling Author, Steven Gifford to write our planning guide for your final wishes.   If you cannot get online to plan your final wishes there is a chapter that allows you till fill the forms out and mail them into us with any pictures. We will send them back to you.  This service is free to anyone who purchases a book.  There will be a monthly fee to host your EPLOT- but the book will explain this.  One Last Gift of Love allows you to plan what you want to wear all the way through of whom is in charge of any decissions you would want to make.  By you pre- planning your funeral on paper will allow your family to save throusands when the day comes that you die.  It’s called GRIEF SPENDING.   Here are a few things that pre-planning  your funeral will do for you:

  • Eliminates doubt from the family that they did enough for you
  • Eliminates arguments from family on the worst day of their lives
  • Saves both time and money – they will know exactly what you want and how you want it.
  • Allows you to price shop the funeral so you can save your family a lot of money
  • Allows you to plan your final legacy and take the burden off your family in which you love so much.



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Life Insurance, Final Expense Agents: You will want this book as well.

Whether you are a client who needs some help planning a funeral :

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