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Welcome To ePLOT

Welcome to ePLOT  your online legacy planning site.  We are changing the way people are planning for their death. Baby Boomers are leading the way but we are also seeing a trend of their children ordering the ePLOTS for their parents and setting them up.   We have a trained staff of developers, designers, guardians who help your family out after you are gone.

We want to thank you for the opportunity to do business with you and we welcome you to the ePLOT  Family.


Semper Fidelis!

We are ePLOT

ePLOT'S Mission

Our Mission is Simple.  Take care of the Mission.  Take care of the Client.  Giving our clients peace of mind knowing they have a plan in place.

Our Philosophy

Tomorrow is to late.  It’s that simple.  Tomorrow is not granted to anyone of us. Live today as if tomorrow wasn’t going to be here.  I bet we all would be recording messages to our kids- sending an email to a family member for after you were gone or doing whatever it took to take the  pain off them.

WIT- Whatever It Takes

Our Work Process

ePLOT is set up in Two Divisions.  The first is development and design. We are almost 100% automated. ePLOT can handle over a million users without even worrying about downtime or server issues.  Our second team focuses on client needs and ease of plans.  We want to help you create your ePLOT as well as make plans for after you’re gone.  Please look into our E-CALLS and E-CARDS on the links above.

ePlot's Conception

ePlot’s concept evolved from the idea of a soldier being deployed and handing his buddy a letter to give to his family if he didn’t make it back. Furthermore, if he didn’t make it back and you went to his grave would you know his story, his family, his legacy? No. Now you can. Your legacy can live forever and people will know your story.

The Harding Memorial : Cover Photo

The Founders are Fifth Generation Cousins of the late President Warren G. Harding.  The Presidents’s Memorial rests in Marion, Ohio.  The founders late Great Grand Mother Faye “Sharrock”  Harding – is a  2nd cousin of President Harding.   They enjoyed many visits to The Harding Memorial growing up  as well as the once famous Arthur’s Fish & Chips.  They are  proud of their Presidential Blood-Line and Pillars that they lay behind.    The following is a quote from the Presidential Board for The Warren G. Harding Foundation.

“In doing some quick research, this is your lineage, I believe: George Tryon Harding (1790-1860) married Ann Roberts (died 1815) W. Oliver Perry Harding (1818-1901) married Isabel McGowan Augustus W. Harding (1846-) married Lavina Groff Claude Harding (1878-) married Ora (1880-) Faye Maude Harding (1905-) married Roy Sharrock The common ancestor you have with Warren G. Harding was George Tryon Harding (listed above). WGH is a descendent of another George Tryon son, Charles Alexander, while you are descended from W. Oliver Perry Harding. Augustus was a first cousin of George Tryon Harding (WGH’s father), while Claude was a second cousin of WGH’s. Faye was a third cousin of the next generation, which includes children of George Tryon Harding II (Warren’s brother), and Caroline Remsberg (Warren’s sister). Warren and Florence Harding had no children, but Faye also would have been a third cousin of James, Tom and John Blessing, who are WGH’s grandsons by Nan Britton (just proven last summer via DNA).”

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